Relieve pain from sciatica, bursitis, osteoarthritis, or sporting injuries.

latest news... "Paracetamol useless for low back pain"


Do you relate to this?

Neck, back, hip and knee pain effect a huge number of people world wide. In fact low back pain alone is responsible for a massive 40% of lost working days in the U.S. and the single leading cause of disability world wide. The drug free medical device 'e-cell' is being used by thousands of people in Australia and New Zealand to speed recovery, reduce or even elimate pain altogether!

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 What does the e-cell do?

The e-cell is designed to.......
* Speed recovery time,
* Reduce pain,
* Slow down degeneration,
* Improve joint stability.
* No drugs, just e-cell.

With no pads or wires, completely portable, e-cell can be used while at work or play!

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Is osteo-arthritis spoiling your life?

Osteo or degenerative arthritis effects nearly 2 million people in Australia. Are you are one of those? If yes, then you too may be experiencing pain and discomfort and a condition that could lead to chronic disability. The e-cell medical device may help reduce pain and improve your quality of life..... without the use of drugs!

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  Natural Pain Relief Is Possible

spotlightpainif you’re experiencing pain then you're in the right place. Whether the result of a sporting injury, accident or degenerative joint disorder such as osteoarthritis, using a modulated form of PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field ) therapy the e-cell is designed to reduce or even eliminate pain by speeding the body's own natural recovery process - no drugs - just the e-cell.

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10 Key Benefits of the e-cell:

The range of musculoskeletal conditions the e-cell could assist in treating is endless, consider these 10 key benefits.

The e-cell is designed to....

....1.  relieve pain from sciatica, joint pain or pain from osteoarthritis.
....2.  speed healing from accidents or sports injuries.
....3.  reduce inflammation and swelling.
....4.  assist the body’s natural recovery from post-operative conditions.

The e-cell is......

....5.  a Medical Device Class 2A.  (ART listed ID: 125537)
....6.  portable and easy to use with n
o wires, pads or leads to attach or dials to monitor.
....7.  scientifically proven through double blind trials.
....8.  complementary with existing traditional healthcare regimes.
....9.  suitable for all ages.
...10. an affordable product - no on-going expenses

"The range of conditions that the e-cell could assist in treating is endless. It has the potential to be used in post-operative care for joint replacements, as well as in elite athlete recovery and the weekend warrior gym goer who goes a bit too hard." - Harry Banyard, Edith Cowan University

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Double Blind Trials confirm the effectiveness of e-cell

Sunday, 24 February 2013

eculogoFollowing is an extract from the ECU University website following 6 months of "Double Blind" trials by ECU School of Exercise and Health Sciences.


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